We are now two months into the new tax year and some of you may already have got ahead of the game and filed your April 2014 tax return! Yes, you can do it this early!!

For those of you who pay CIS tax you may well be entitled to receive a tax rebate so the sooner you get your tax return filed, the sooner you can receive your rebate.  NATA can help you with this.

Also some of you who receive tax credits may have noticed that your payments have suddenly changed. This may well be because HMRC is receiving information directly through the RTI system on what you earned for the previous tax year, even BEFORE you do your annual review. If you are self-employed, make sure that HMRC has an accurate idea of your self-employment income as soon as possible, because it could well affect your tax credits.

Again, NATA can help you with this and many more issues. Just give us a ring – freephone 0800 180 4252. We look forward to hearing from you.