Is it me?  Or are we in a constant state of flux?  Both the weather – one minute sunny, the next torrential showers – and politics – one minute all is well, then the country votes to leave Europe (with a very slim majority) then all hell breaks loose and politicians are resigning all over the place and others throwing in their hat to get a chance to run the country?

One thing you can be sure of – well two things actually:

Firstly, HMRC will continue to want money from you – 31 July 2016 looms large for those who have to make a second payment on account if they are self employed or have to pay self assessment tax

Secondly, NATA is there to assist.  When everything else is changing around you, we pride ourselves on giving a consistent level of service and we are there to field any queries, and help anyone who needs our help.

So do feel free to ring us 01670 528416 if you need any help or guidance from an accountant.