We have GOOD news to start the month of October! …. For those of you who have run a payroll scheme, you will by now be familiar with HMRC’s RTI system.  HMRC have announced that the introduction of automatic penalties for late RTI submissions will be delayed another five months for small employers.  That gives us a little more breathing space to get everything in order.

Time is certainly flying, and we are fast approaching the busiest time of the year for accountants, with the 31 January 2015 creeping ever nearer.

So please have a heart!  If you are self-employed and need to file a tax return, you need to ensure that your return is filed and all tax paid by 31 January 2015.  2015!  It sounds ages away but the months will fly past.  So start now.

If you usually file your own tax returns, make sure you are claiming everything that you can be – business mileage at 45p per mile in your own vehicle, mobile telephone costs, even an allowance for use of home as office if you run a business from home.

If we can help with any of these, please give us a ring.

And finally …. make sure that you ask your accountant to explain the figures if they are asking for your signature.  Don’t sign anything you are not sure of.  Don’t feel too intimidated to ask questions.  We pride ourselves on being friendly and approachable – so feel free to ring us.