The countdown continues …..

Not the countdown to Christmas but the countdown to 31 January 2016! This is the last date for filing your self assessment tax return.

If you are relying on your agent to file your return on your behalf, please let them have all the information NOW to give them a chance to meet the deadline.

If you are waiting for PAYE refunds, HMRC have been under fire for taking until 10 August 2015 to refund overpayments from tax year ending 5 April 2015.  Some of my clients are still waiting.

HMRC have also come under fire for failing to answer nearly 50% of calls to its helplines.  So if you need to ring HMRC, be prepared to stay on hold for quite some time.

Good to know …. You can’t make a phone call to HMRC if you have to leave the house for a meeting within ten minutes!