Those of you with children may now be breathing a sigh of relief as the children return to school.  It is difficult to juggle work life and home life.  If you are self employed, it is also difficult to juggle actually working your business and keeping up with the administration of your business.  Many people…



Back from our holidays and raring to go!  Many thanks to those of our clients who have got their paperwork in to us whilst we were away. We are now six months in to the tax year and despite the Brexit vote, things at the moment seem to be continuing in the same vein as…



Please be advised that our offices are closed from 5pm Thursday 5th August and re-open on Monday 22nd August 2016. Apologies for any inconvenience caused!



Is it me?  Or are we in a constant state of flux?  Both the weather – one minute sunny, the next torrential showers – and politics – one minute all is well, then the country votes to leave Europe (with a very slim majority) then all hell breaks loose and politicians are resigning all over the…



We cannot believe it is June already!  The Brexit vote looms large and we cannot help but wonder what would happen with the country’s financial situation if we leave the EU. Well, NATA cannot help with the country’s finances but we can help with yours! For those who receive tax credits, you need to complete…



Well, May is upon is now – and we have enjoyed some lovely sunny weather, which hopefully engenders positivity and happiness.  But are you positive and happy about your financial affairs? If you are in business, good record keeping is essential for your business.  If you need help with your accounts, or want a proactive…



My younger daughter asked me this morning whether, as it was the start of the new tax year yesterday, I , as an accountant, wished my clients new year!  I laughed and said no – it was not like Chinese New Year!  However, she does have a point – it is the start of the…



Quick budget recap for those who may have missed it – – business rates cut for all rate payers from April 2017 – corporation tax cut to 17% by April 2020 – capital gains tax cut to 20% from 6 April 2016 for higher rate tax payers and 10% for basic rate tax payers –…



Despite our earlier post advising we would be shut today, we are OPEN!  The office move has been completed and we are now safely installed at Ashington Workspace.  Please note that the old 0800 is no longer in service, so our office number is now 01670 528416. So what do we need to think about…



The government is currently consulting on a new way of paying tax for businesses.  They are planning to move away from paper services towards digital services, which may make sense for many, given the way things are currently moving.  However, what may come as a shock is that businesses may be required to pay their…